A podcast dedicated to exploring the unexplored possibilities hidden within our favorite film franchises. Also dabbling in movie reviews & geeking out over the current state of movies!

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SEQUELCHAT RETURNS | Multi-Pod of Madness ft the Pod-luminati! Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!

The Multiverse just wouldn't let us go - SequelChat was pulled back into your reality (ear holes) to discuss all of the MADNESS & what lead us to this moment.

EP135 | SequelQuest Finale - The Final Pitches | SequelQuest

This is THE END. The Final Pitches.

SQR-EP22 | Ghostbusters Franchise Sequel | SequelQuest

In honor of the newest Ghostbusters hitting theaters this week, we wanted to reshare what we had concocted 5+ years ago for our own followup edition to Ghostbusters 1...

EP134 | SequelChat Review of VENOM Let There Be Carnage | SequelQuest

Let the Carnage begin! We braved the theatrical chaos to see this movie, now lets discuss the CARNAGE -  or the lack thereof!PS - holy wow that post credit scene!Use t...

EP133 | Forrest Gump Sequel | SequelQuest

The SQ Crew is opening up their box of sequel chocolates to give you three possible continuations of the Forrest Gump story!

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