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EP135 | SequelQuest Finale - The Final Pitches | SequelQuest

This is THE END. The Final Pitches.

SQR-EP22 | Ghostbusters Franchise Sequel | SequelQuest

In honor of the newest Ghostbusters hitting theaters this week, we wanted to reshare what we had concocted 5+ years ago for our own followup edition to Ghostbusters 1 & 2!

EP133 | Forrest Gump Sequel | SequelQuest

The SQ Crew is opening up their box of sequel chocolates to give you three possible continuations of the Forrest Gump story!

EP132 | Hackers Sequel | SequelQuest

Get ready to "Hack The Planet" with the SQ Crew and Eric Z. as they plug in their screeching modems to pitch a sequel to the 1995 Angelina Jolie film, Hackers.

EP131 | Son-In-Law Sequel | SequelQuest

The SequelQuest crew is tweaking their melons to bring you a sequel, prequel or reboot to the 1993 comedy Son-In-Law starring Pauly Shore as Crawl

SQR-EP98 | Space Jam Sequel | SequelQuest

The SequelQuest Crew wish you all a Happy "Space Jam: A New Legacy" Day! Or is it..... If you're disappointed in the obvious money grab by good ol' WB, join us on an adventure to make a worthwhile & worthy successor to the cultural phenomenon SPACE JAM.  (Go visit that ancient Space Jam website for nostalgia sake)

EP130 | Fantasy Football Film Festival | SequelQuest

It's time for some FOOTBAAAAAAALLLL!! As Adam, Jeff and Jeramy suit up for a Fantasy Football Film Festival!

EP129 | Mortal Kombat Franchise Sequel | SequelQuest

What if the 90's had ended with a 3rd Mortal Kombat film in the original continuity?!

SQR-EP98 | Space Jam Sequel | SequelQuest

Are you ready for a Space Jam? In 1996 NBA superstar Michael Jordan teamed up with the animated rascals from Looney Tunes to take on the Mon-Stars in a basketball game with intergalactic stakes. With the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Bill Murray the Toon Squad was victorious. But more than 20 years later Warner Bros still hasn’t delivered a Space Jame sequel.

SQR-EP93 | Disney Symposium of Silly Sequels | SequelQuest

When you listen to our show, we pitch sequels and you know they are films that won’t get made, except in dreams. This week on the podcast, we’re crossing over with The 2 Goofs Podcast to bring you a magical world of Disney fun.

SQR-EP37 | Midnight in Paris Sequel | SequelQuest

A sequel to a Woody Allen film? It’s never been done, but does that mean it’s truly impossible?

BONUS SERIES | SequelChat After Credits Show: WandaVision EP 3 | SequelQuest

SequelChat Crew dive into the world of Westview and discuss the latest revelations on Episode 3 of WandaVision!

BONUS SERIES | SequelChat After Credits Show: WandaVision EP 1 & 2 | SequelQuest

SequelChat Crew dive into the world of Westview and discuss the latest revelations on WandaVision!

EP128 | SQ Crew Reboots the DCEU | SequelQuest

Join the SQ Crew as they pitch new versions of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Aquaman, then bring these heroes together into a new Justice League movie that doesn’t suck!

EP127 | SequelChat Review of Wonder Woman 1984 | SequelQuest

Adam, Colton, and Jeramy fly back into the worlds of DC via invisible jet to explore the latest installment in the DCEU, the retro period piece of Wonder Woman 1984.

EP126 | Santa Claus the Movie Sequel | SequelQuest

Deck the halls with prequels, sequels and reboots because SequelQuest is bringing you our ideas for a follow-up to 1985’s Santa Claus The Movie! Join Adam, Jeff and Jeramy, along with guests Steve Tsapelas and Mike Westfall from the Advent Calendar House podcast as they stuff your podcast stocking full of ideas on the further adventures of Santa Claus on the big screen. Will Jolly Old St. Nick battle martians, team up with Rudolph to bring joy to the season or become a social media influencer? Find out on this special Holiday Edition of SequelQuest!

SQR-EP66 | A Flash Gordon Sequel | SequelQuest

Only the SequelQuest crew of Adam, Jeff and Jeramy, along with our mighty guest host Carlin Trammel of the Nerd Lunch podcast (http://nerdlunch.net/podcast/) are brave enough to attempt a return to Mongo for an exploration of whether or not, “Gordon’s Alive” and where his adventures have taken him.

EP125 | Surf Ninjas Sequel ft Nic Cowan! | SequelQuest

Kwantzu, Dudes! For this very special episode of SequelQuest we’re joined by Nic Cowan who played the Game Gear lovin’ Adam in the 1993 cult classic movie, Surf Ninjas! Join us as we pitch a sequel to the film Nic co-starred in with Ernie Reyes Jr, Rob Schneider, Leslie Nielsen and Tone Loc! Plus you’ll hear exciting behind the scenes stories from the making of Surf Ninjas, including dynamic deleted scenes and more radical trivia. Also riding the waves with the SQ Crew is Surf Ninjas fan, Noel Thingvall who is kicking up one of the 4 bodacious sequel ideas that will have you waxing nostalgic for the 90’s as we celebrate this martial arts comedy.

SQR-EP75 | A Sequel to Congo | SequelQuest

This summer another sequel to Jurassic Park is coming to theaters, but what about the continuing adventures to be found in the African jungles of the Congo? Join Jeff, Jeramy and Adam as they revisit the wild characters and dangerous terrain with Congo sequel pitches that go way off the rails in the best way possible.

EP124 | Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sequel | SequelQuest

For the Halloween episode of SequelQuest we're like totally slaying a trio of sequels to the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer from 1992 starring Kristi Swanson, Luke Perry, Donald Sutherland and Paul Reubens with returning guest, Christin. Our valley girl vampire filled movie ideas include Buffy training a new batch of slayers in modern day, spending her college years slaying evil demon tree worshiping sorority sisters and a crossover with 80's teen vampire flick The Lost Boys! It's blood sucking fun for everyone this Halloween so listen now!

SQR-EP86 | A Spaced Invaders Sequel | SequelQuest Rewind

Prepare to laugh, Earth Scum! In 1990 Touchstone Pictures invaded movie theaters with Spaced Invaders, a family comedy starring Ariana Richards with out of this world ambitions. An eclectic crew of Martians arrive in small town Illinois thinking they are part of conquering force, but soon realize the transmission they heard was just a Halloween night broadcast of Orson Welles’ infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Hijinks ensue.

SQR-EP71 | Supernatural Sequel Special | SequelQuest Rewind

Oooooo, it’s getting spooky around the SequelQuest studios. That’s right this week we’re bringing you not 1, not 2, but 3 imaginary sequels to spooky films in our Supernatural Sequels Special! What started out as a free for all episode turned into a creepy podcast adventure you won’t want to miss.

SequelQuest Wrestling Extravaganza Verdict

GM Jason and Commissioner Mickey give their verdict of the two wrestling movie pitches from SequelQuest EP 123 and declare who wins the TRN trios tag team championship belts.

EP123 | Wrestling Sequel Extravaganza ft. The House Show | SequelQuest

It’s a podcast Brawl For It All as the titans of The Retro Network face off to pitch sequels to infamous wrestling movies No Holds Barred starring WWF Champion, Hulk Hogan and Ready To Rumble starring former WCW Champion, David Arquette. The SequelQuest tag team of Adam and Jeff pitch fake movies with power against the reigning TRN Trios Tag Team Champions from The House Show podcast, Sweet Matty Treats and The Masked Library aka Kevin Hellions. This mic massacre takes it to the mat as the hosts share hilarious memories of pro wrestling from the 90’s before finally placing their pitches on the line with the winners being decided by TRN podcasting General Manager and Commissioner on the next episode of The Retro Network podcast.

EP122 | SequelChat Review of Bill & Ted Face the Music | SequelQuest

Adam, Colton, and Jeramy take a most excellent adventure into the nostalgia and visual wonder that is Bill and Ted Face the Music in our most triumphant return to the SequelChat format!

SQR-EP65 | A Most Excellent Bill & Ted's Sequel | SequelQuest

It’s been 30 years since 2 dudes from San Dimas partied with a gang of historical dudes in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Just a few years later Wyld Stallyns teamed up with the Grim Reaper to fight evil robots and the minions of Hell in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. But we haven’t heard anything from Rufus or The Great Ones in decades, what gives?

EP121 | A Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead Sequel | SequelQuest

No, it's not Adventures In Babysitting (sorry to disappoint), the SequelQuest crew are digging up the corpse of 90's comedy cult classic Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead with returning guest Eric to create new adventures in babysitting (again, no Elisabeth Shue here).

SQR-EP48 | 2017's Pre-SD Comic-Con Comicbook Wishlist | SequelQuest Rewind

(From July 2017) WOW! Revisiting this one recorded pre-SD ComicCon 2017 (SDCC was held July 20–23, 2017) and holy wow Batman we seem to have a follower/listener who has the ear of Marvel Studios 👀 ... Our Wishlist: ...

EP120 | A Sequel to US | SequelQuest

On the latest episode of SequelQuest the crew is joined by Jeff’s wife, Judy who offers her perspective as a Black woman in America as part of a discussion about the cultural impact of Jordan Peele’s Us as it relates to the positive representation of African-Americans in cinema and challenging of longstanding stereotypes in entertainment. Adam, Jeff and Jeramy then pitch their ideas for a sequel concept for a follow up film to continue the intrigue of this masterfully crafted film.

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